Christian Köster Förderpreis

Deutsche Werbefilmakadamie


Here is the translation into English:


We proudly present our winning team of the CHRISTIAN KÖSTER PROMOTION AWARD 2023:

Ivetta Urozhaeva, Daniil Tyves, and Boubacar Tangara.

They impressed the live jury with their pitch for the concept

The three-minute moving image concept, based on a true story, recounts the real-life experience of a refugee, Boubacar Tangara. The football coach from Mali managed to form a solid football team in his first refugee accommodation in southern Germany, overcoming a disastrous situation where various African nations were fighting each other. This team has now even advanced to the recreational league of the Bavarian Football Association and serves as an example of successful integration.

They win €20,000 for the production of the spot as well as a media budget of €15,000 for cinema distribution from our partner Weischer.Cinema.

Thanks to everyone involved and especially a big "Keep it up" to all the nominees! You are amazing!



Boubacar Tangara fled from Mali to Germany in 2015. Through regular football training organized by him, he and other refugees managed to overcome barriers of culture, language, and prejudice. They founded the football club FC Mainaustraße and became members of the Bavarian Football Association. To this day, they play for their values: integration, respect, and unity.

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