Christian Köster Förderpreis

Deutsche Werbefilmakadamie


The Christian Köster Förderpreis is an annual award given to the best unrealized film idea. The purpose of the award, established by the German Advertising Film Academy, is to provide a platform for students, trainees, and other talents to showcase their cinematic creativity.

In addition to offering a public forum, the Christian Köster Förderpreis aims to give young filmmakers the opportunity to bring their projects to life. The award is particularly inclusive, welcoming and encouraging submissions from career changers.

The goal of this support is to enable everyone to present themselves as directors with a solid concept. All nominees are invited to present their concepts to an independent panel of experts and an audience in Hamburg. This nomination and the associated invitation to present offer a significant opportunity to network and find partners for the proposed project. It is rare to meet so many interested professionals in a setting specifically created for this purpose.

The winner of the Christian Köster Förderpreis receives €20,000 to realize their film idea! Additionally, the winner will receive support and advice from established industry professionals, members of the German Advertising Film Academy, during the production process.

The award partner, Weischer.Cinema, supports the winner with cinema distribution of the produced spot worth €15,000!