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Christian Köster New Talent Award 2023

With the Christian Köster New Talent Award the German Advertising Film Academy aims to provide a platform for all students, apprentices, and other talents to showcase their cinematic creativity. The Award is annually awarded to the best submitted unrealized film concept. 


The Christian Köster New Talent Award​​ will take place on October 11th at the "Pferdestall" in Hamburg.

Live Pitch
@ „Pferdestall", Neuer Pferdemarkt 23, 20359 Hamburg
10:00 Einlass
11:00 - 13:00 Pitch

@ „Altes Mädchen“ Lagerstraße 28b, 20357 Hamburg
13:00 Einlass
14:00 - ca.18:00 Recruiting


In addition to providing a public forum, we aim to offer aspiring talents an opportunity to bring their own projects to life. Career changers are explicitly encouraged and welcomed.


Our aim is to enable every individual to present themselves as a director with a concept. All nominees will be invited to showcase their concept to both an audience and our independent panel of experts in Hamburg. The nomination and invitation to present your project vision represent a significant opportunity to establish new contacts and find potential project partners. This is a rare opportunity to connect with such a multitude of like minded professionals.

The winner of the Christian Köster New Talent Award will receive €20,000 for the realization of their own film idea! Additionally, the winner will receive support and advice from established industry professionals, members of the German Advertising Film Academy, throughout the production process.



Our partner Weischer.Cinema supports the award winner with a cinema distribution of the produced spot worth €15,000!

We like to thank all our sponsors and partners