Christian Köster Förderpreis

Deutsche Werbefilmakadamie


Please send us your application in the form of a resume and a representative work or a showreel. The independent academy will select the suitable participants from the applicants. Present yourself and your talent to the leading producers in a concise 5-minute conversation.

Who can apply?

Emerging creatives from the fields of direction and production, as well as videographers and visual artists in post-production. Individuals are eligible to participate, and in the case of applications in the fields of direction or post-production, teams are also allowed to apply

Am I considered an emerging talent?

Yes, if you have 1-2 years of professional experience (1-5 years in the production field), or if you are in the final year of university and have around 4 representative works on your showreel that vividly showcase your talent and level of expertise.


The panel of the German Advertising Film Academy reserves the right to exclude an application for participation in the event if it violates the terms of participation or if an applicant, at the discretion of the Academy, does not appear sufficiently qualified.

Legal recourse is excluded.